Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: What You Need to Know

Six Sigma Green Belt isn't just a midlevel credential within the Six Sigma system. The role of Six Sigma Green belt certification holders within a Six Sigma project is bigger than that. Six Sigma Green Belt help the Black Belt run Six Sigma projects, explain Six Sigma concepts to other team members and ensure that the project happens according to the timeline and follows every aspect of Six Sigma methodology.

Six Sigma Green Belt spends up to 50% of his/her time managing Six Sigma projects (for Black Belts, this figure goes up to full time). The experience working with other Six Sigma professionals makes it natural for Six Sigma Green Belts to achieve the Black Belt credential in just a few years.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Most Six Sigma Green Belts get certified within the organization they work for. This can be partially explained by the fact that Six Sigma certifications do not have a centralized certifying body – the logic behind these credentials is different compared to other professional certifications. Six Sigma certifications can be obtained from multiple organizations, and they aren't always transferrable and recognized by third party organizations. This is why most Six Sigma Green Belts prefer to get certified through their employer.

Six Sigma Green Belt certification process can be different depending on the certifying organization, but usually Six Sigma Green Belts are selected by the organization's management team. Some organizations require all exempt employees to be "certified" Green Belts before promotion. Many require employees to at least undergo training – which can either be carried out within the organization or the employee will be referred to an independent training provider. Certification as a Green Belt from one company most likely will not be recognized by another company. The reason for this is the fact that Six Sigma training and certification process is rather expensive and time consuming. Therefore, companies who invest in their employees' becoming Six Sigma Green Belts, need to make sure these people stay with the company for longer.

Six Sigma Green Belt training is usually provided in the form of classroom sessions, completely online, or a combination of the two (Six Sigma Green Belt hybrid training). The Six Sigma Green Belt training curriculum and certification process may vary significantly from company to company. Most common requirements include completion of training, passing a written or online test, and completion of a Six Sigma Green Belt project.

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