Sigma Six: Methodology, Tools and Approach to Process Management

Sigma Six is the quality management philosophy, process management methodology and a collection tools used by organizations to improve process outcome and boost their bottom line. Sigma Six approach primarily focuses on reducing defects in products and services.

It identifies the issue in the process or process outcome and targets to remove it to ensure the improved process result. Sigma Six methodology was originally developed and implemented in manufacturing. Today, however, this methodology is widely applied in a variety of industries, especially those emphasizing customer satisfaction.

The industries where Sigma Six is now gaining popularity are Healthcare, Technology and Financial Services. Let's take a closer look at them.


As healthcare costs are skyrocketing in many countries, an aging population, a phenomenon taking place in all Western Countries, means increased stress on healthcare services. Sigma Six helps healthcare providers increase the amount of time care for each patient, reduce the time spent on paperwork, and reduce the time people spend waiting for care, waiting for claims or waiting for a call.


As consumers increasingly rely on technology, Sigma Six helps businesses by delivering products with fewer defects, decreasing returns and more.

Financial Services

As budgets continue to tighten and resources are more limited than usual. Sigma Six shortens the time to sign up new customers, reduces the time to provide customer service and brings revenue in faster.

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