Green Belt Six Sigma Certification

Green Belt Six Sigma is a Six Sigma credential and a job role in Six Sigma projects. Green Belt Six Sigma validates the skills and knowledge required to support Six Sigma projects in various organizations. Be it a manufacturing facility or a midsize insurance company, Green Belt Six Sigma certification holder should be able to apply his/her skills in various process and outcome optimization projects carried out with Sig Sigma methodology.

Green Belt Six Sigma certification targets Six Sigma professionals who have a minimum 3 years' work experience and are willing to demonstrate their knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes.

Green Belt Six Sigma: What You Need to Know

Six Sigma Green Belt certification holders are expected to be confident applying the Six Sigma improvement methodology and leading a professional Six Sigma process improvement team. While Green Belts do not need to know as much as Black Belts or Master Black Belts, there are many things a Green Belt should know.

Green Belt Six Sigma Certification holders usually lead Six Sigma projects part-time, spending somewhere between 25-50% of their day working on a Six Sigma project. Unlike Black Belts, who typically lead cross-functional projects, Green Belt Six Sigma professionals usually work on projects within their own functional area.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification holders should be able to explain the calculations, statistics and logic behind Six Sigma methodology, approaches and tools. As long as they can do it well and contribute to success of Six Sigma projects they're part of, Green Belt Six Sigma certification holders can expect to be promoted fast and build an enviable career within their organization. This is especially true for industries like manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, financial services etc.

Green Belt Six Sigma Certification holders are expected to be familiar with Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and tools, including basic statistics. More advanced statistics usually require support from a Black Belt coach. Green Belts will be able to create a histogram and Pareto diagram, and know the difference between the two.

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